Complete Package

Logo, Style Guide, Stationery, New Website, Hosting, Maintenance, Security, Support & Reporting

Only $299 / month for 12 months

reduces to $99 / month from the 13th month onward


Secure a Domain Name for your Business

The first step in securing your business’s online presence is to get a great domain name.

Finding a domain name that has not already been taken can be quite hard.

We do the hard work for you. If your preferred domain is available, we register it for you. If your preferred domain is not available, we look for alternatives and that are available and present them for your consideration. Either way, we help you to get the best available domain registered.

Get a custom designed Logo

Having a professional looking logo which clearly identifies your brand is important.

In our opinion, simple clean logos work best. See samples.

We design a professional and unique logo for you.

Get personalised privacy policies

Privacy Policies enable you to clearly define your terms of use and give viewers peace of mind they are working with a reputable business. They are also considered as a positive by Google and help with your websites ranking.

You get personalised Privacy and Cookie policies. They are standard policies using your business details. They can also be edited to better match your business.

Define your Business Branding with a Style Guide

For people to recognise your business brand, you need to be consistent. It makes good sense for businesses to have & use a Style Guide for this purpose.

Fonts, Colours, Logos etc. should be clearly defined. These should always be used for all Print and Digital Media

We work with you to define your Style Guide. For easy access it is made available via your shiny new website. See example.

Get branded stationery

Getting your name and details out there with branded stationery is important.

We can design and print Business Cards, Letterhead and With Comps slips for you.

Based on your new Logo and Style Guide we design and print either:

  • 500 high quality business cards
  • 500 letterhead
  • 3000 With Comps Slips

** Ask about our option to get all 3!

Get a professional looking Website

Your website is often the first contact point customers will have with your business. First impressions are important. You need to look like a professional and reputable business, or they may look elsewhere.

We design and build a professional looking WordPress website based on your new Logo and Style Guide. The website will be mobile friendly, SEO friendly and based on the amazing Divi theme.

Get your new Website on-line and working lightning fast

Now you have a beautiful new website, it needs to be “hosted” so that people can access it.

Nobody likes a slow website right! Slow websites will lose you business.

You get our lightning fast, specialised WordPress optimised hosting.

Get help and/or support whenever you need it

Once your website is up and running you may need help to make changes, add content, fix problems, general advice etc.

You get Unlimited Support with some fair use conditions.

Whatever help you need with your website, our gurus are on hand to help you.

Be aware of potential threats before they become a problem

Hackers are constantly looking for holes in your website to exploit.

As Theme and Plugin developers become aware of security holes, they release updates to fix the holes.

We scan your website daily checking your Theme and Plugin versions against newly discovered exploits. When updates are available to fix the holes, we get notified, and the updates get installed immediately. Thus minimising the risk of your website being vulnerable to hackers.

Be aware if your website goes off-line

Websites can go off-line for many reasons, including; Internet problems, hosting problems, DDOS attacks, faulty plugins or updates etc.

Knowing when your website goes off-line is important. It may be a temporary issue or it may be something broken that needs to be fixed. Not knowing when your website is down may cost you customers.

We check your website every 5 minutes to see if it is on-line. Any issues are reported to us so that we can check the reason and act accordingly to resolve if needed.

Be aware of broken links when they happen

When a viewer clicks a link and gets “Page Not Found” it can be frustrating. If your site has too many broken links, Google may even penalise your site, affecting your search rankings.

Broken links can occur by human error when creating/editing content or by linking to external resources that go off-line.

We check your site often, looking for any broken links. When found, we either fix them if the resolution is obvious or notify you if you need to make a decision about how to resolve.

Keep your website up to date to avoid potential problems

Hackers love websites that don’t get updated. They are an easy target.

We manage your website updates for you. All pending updates get installed weekly. Any newly identified vulnerabilities get updated immediately.

By doing so the risk of hackers getting access to your site are minimised.

Keep daily backups for your website

Like everything in life there is always risk. We can do everything possible to minimise risk of your website breaking or getting hacked. However, there may still be a small chance of this occurring.

The best strategy is to have proper backups so your website can always be recovered if ever necessary. It’s just like insurance.

We back up your website every day, and keep the previous 90 days.

If by some small chance your website ever gets hacked or corrupted, we will be able to quickly recover the site to a working backup snapshot, normally within 1 hour.

Never risk losing your website.

Get Monthly reporting

Our customers absolutely love this! How often have you paid for services and just assume that they are being provided? See sample report.

A common comment we get is “This is great, we have never had this kind of visibility of our website before”

We send you a report on the first day of each month. The comprehensive report shows you exactly what has been done to keep your site safe and up to date. Also, if you have a WooCommerce store or do SEO, reporting for these are also included.

Reverts to WPEasy Premium plan after 12 months

The first 12 months of your plan bundles our “WPEasy Premium” support plan with paying of your Logo, Style Guide, Stationery & Website build (Starter Pack). The combined price is $299 / month.

After the first 12 months, we consider the¬†Starter Pack to be fully paid. Therefor, your monthly subscription will revert to “WPEasy Premium” at $99 / month


Everything above included at one low monthly cost.

You simply won’t find a better deal anywhere else!